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Wednesday Movie Rundown with Guest Film expert:Patrick Hao

Patrick Hao, WHRW News
Former host of Film Talk Patrick Hao does a weekly movie review.
Love is Strange

Ira Sach’s new film, Love is Strange, is about a gay couple, but it is a movie that isn’t solely about a couple. That would be too easy and heavy handed. Rather, Sachs focuses his films on three generations of relationships, not all consisting of romantic love. He ruminates on the relationship between parents and child, husband and wife and more importantly the manners of being a long term guest. John Lithgow and Alfred …

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Polina Holubovska, WHRW News
Will PSL be dethroned?
Starbucks is introducing a new holiday drink to the line-up, the first one in 5 years.
The Chestnut Praline latte will be unveiled this November 12th after a promising testing last November against the Cherries Jubilee Mocha latte. The holiday cups will be unveiled earlier however, on November 1st.
Will this latte last? Will “Latte liberals” drink it? Only time will tell.
If Grubhub and Starbucks had a baby, it would be the new Starbucks app.
Now that people are steering away from interacting with another person for …

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Patrick Hao, WHRW News
Former host of Film Talk does a weekly movie review.
The Skeleton Twins

Craig Johnson’s film, “The Skeleton Twins” is the quintessential Sundance film. It is an indie dramedy,more heavy on the drama than the comedy, about twins who reunite after ten years after one of them, played by Bill Hader, tried to commit suicide. Unfortunately, like because it is the quintessential Sundance film, it has all the negatives of a Sundance film. They have scenes in which people contemplate the next step in their lives by diving their …

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Good news for the free world!
North Korea has recently released one of three detained Americans who is now on his way back
to the United States. The White House said that 56 year old Jeffrey Fowle is headed home to his family in Ohio. While the United States has welcomed the move we are still very focused on getting those other two US citizens back home as well. He was arrested at North Korea after apparently leaving a Bible in the bathroom of a nightclub in the northern port of Chongjin. …

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Alex Okin, WHRW News
10-year-old Shyanne Roberts doesn’t use the easy-bake oven or nail polish but instead chooses to pickup her favorite custom handgun painted in her favorite colors, purple and black. That’s right. This pre-teen has chosen to take part in, let’s say, a more mature hobby—competitive shooting. If this sounds odd to you, then you aren’t alone. Many people are very much against this concept, especially given the fact that over the summer a 9 year old accidently shot and killed her instructor with a uzi submachine gun. The …

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Ian Liebentritt
On Wednesday, the Dow Jones fell 460 points early during the day, setting off panic on Wall Street (Egan). However, the Dow made a comeback, finishing the day down only 173 points (Egan). Due to the considerable fall and rise of the market during the day, the Nasdaq followed a similar pattern and came back to barely finish in the red (Egan). The reasons for the steep fall at the beginning of the day were due to the recent fears of Ebola and the uncertain status of the Federal …