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Jeffrey Goldberg, WHRW News
At 7 AM this morning local time, gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali. A hostage situation ensued with an estimated 170 people inside. As of now it is unclear how many attackers there were. Malian and UN forces have since entered the hotel, freeing all surviving hostages. It is unclear as well how many attackers are still alive. So far, 27 people have been confirmed dead. US authorities have said the attack has ended, but there was no such confirmation from …

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Gretchen Bogan, WHRW News
According to the BBC, the government mandated shutdown of Greenpeace India has been temporarily halted. A court halted the order, demanding that the group be allowed to continue operating until the accusations that the government made of financial irregularities are clarified. Greenpeace’s lawyer Vineet Subramani stated, prima facie, the government has not followed the principles of natural justice.” This is not the first move that the Indian government have made against Greenpeace and other organizations that they perceive to be working against the country’s interests. In April, …

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Jazz Guillet, WHRW News
In a recent interview, Daniel Radcliff spoke about how in the year following the finish of Harry Potter he began drinking heavily. He told about how he was very worried about being pigeon-holed into the tole of Harry. In a fit of stress and a desire to believe that if necessary he could live a normal life, he began to frequent bars and drink in excess. He explained “that he absolutely loves being on film sets and that is what scared him the most — that he …

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Jazz Guillet, WHRW News
According to ABC News, a couple from Toronto decided to forgo their very expensive wedding plans in favor of donating their money to Syrian refugees. Samantha Jackson and Farzin Yousefian had planned a traditions wedding that was said to cost somewhere in the ten thousands. After seeing the photos of children washing up on shore they instead decided to fundraise to sponsor a family of four. Instead of their large wedding they had a city hall wedding after which there was a small reception at a local …

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Anshul Dinger, WHRW News
According to the New York Times, recent studies released by the American Medical Association show that fewer men are being screened for prostate cancer and for having early-stage cases. The reason why the number of cases is decreasing? It’s because doctors are consciously limiting routine prostate screenings.
These drops in prostate screenings are due to recommendations made by the United States Preventive Services Task Force in 2012 to stop routine blood tests to find prostate cancer associated proteins. Prostate cancer grows slowly, and so the tumors develop as …