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Ian Liebentritt,WHRW News
McDonald’s menu will soon be smaller, the company revealed yesterday.  In January the brand will be removing eight items from its menu, and reduce the number of Extra Value Meals from 16 to 11.  Most of these changes will involve variations on a single product .  To name a few, McDonald’s will offer only one type of Quarter Pounder compared to the four it offers now, and the number of premium chicken sandwiches and wraps will be reduced to one product as well.  The changes are allegedly being …

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Jeff Goldberg, WHRW News,
Time Magazine has selected its annual “Person of the Year.” This time around, the Ebola Fighters took the prize, beating out a shortlist of Ferguson Protesters, Vladimir Putin, Massoud Barzani, and Jack Ma. The reason? Against global paranoia and dangerous work conditions which Time referred to as a war, everyone involved in fighting the virus has done so on their own will, and with great risk to their own life. Time reminded readers that the global health system is not strong enough to handle Ebola if it …

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Kevin Mesquita, WHRW News
Just this morning, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a 500-page declassified summary of a 6,700-page report that took the panel nearly six years to produce. The report examines the CIA’s secret overseas detention of at least 119 people and the use of coercive interrogation techniques that Sen. Dianne Feinstein said sometimes amounted to torture.
The report’s 20 findings and conclusions are grouped into four central themes:

The CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” were not effective and did not produce any time sensitive information crucial to save lives.
The CIA gave “extensive inaccurate …

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Jeff Goldberg, WHRW News
Canada has closed its embassy mission to Egypt due to security concerns a day after the UK closed its mission. This may be a response to a video – released Sunday, referring to the recent attack on the Canadian Parliament in October. The man in the video was identified as Abu Anwar al-Canadi, formerly John Maguire, a Muslim convert from the Ottawa area, who was under investigation for leaving Canada to fight with IS back in January of 2013. He urged Muslims to follow in the footsteps …

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Patrick Hao, WHRW News
Rosewater is a Jon Stewart film and with it comes a tough hill to climb because of Stewart’s name. This is the popular TV satirist’s first directorial feature. And at times the film almost sinks until Stewart felt comfortable enough to let the story take hold instead of what he wants to impart. Rosewater is about what Stewart cares most, the ethics of being a good journalist. In this case, he follows the true story of Mazier Bahari, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, as he covers the …