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Ray Futia

Grammy Award-winning band, Snarky Puppy, played the Anderson Center last Thursday, filling Osterhout Theater with 2 sets of truly explorative, utterly funky jazz fusion. Not only was the group incredibly tight, the entire show, from the opening song, Kite, to the encore, Quarter Master, consisted of one musical feat after another. The evening was full of creative chord progressions, rhythms, and transitions intertwined with intricate improvisation, achieved through heavy communication within the band through gestures, nods, and eye contact, all the while smiling, laughing, and dancing. This graced the …

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[25 Feb 2013 | 2 Comments | ]

Ratings for Nickelodeon’s TV block,”Nick- At-Nite” are through the roof and it’s no surprise as the kids of the 90s have succumbed to acute nostalgia. Now that may sound a little like a diagnosis, but psychologists and market researchers alike have decided to make ‘Nostalgia’ one of their primary subjects of study in recent years.
In the 20th century, nostalgia was declared a psychiatric disorder with symptoms that included insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Back then, it was primarily found in boarding school students and immigrants. Nowadays, nostalgia has been shown to …

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The Associated Press is reporting that earlier today, during a party congress in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, an assailant confronted party leader Ahmed Dogan with a gas pistol.
Dogan was quick to react, striking the gunman, while other delegates brought him to the floor. TV footage (which has since been uploaded to YouTube) shows several people kicking, punching, and stomping on the man as he was lying on the ground.
The attacker has been identified as Oktai Enimehmedov, a Bulgarian citizen, but Turkish by ethnicity. Enimehmedov is reported as also carrying two knives in addition …

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We’ve recently updated our look to serve you better. If you have comments on our new website, leave them below or email news@whrwfm.org.

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It’s been one wild semester, but I’d like to thank everybody for being a part of it! From our boots-on-the-ground reporting to our up-to-date fact checking and our dedication to the story, I’d like to thank all of my reporters and analysts on the Evening Review.
Stay tuned for updates; the spring edition of the Evening Review is just around the corner!
Alex Baer
News Director